Zaostrog is a small idyllic place, situated 20 km south of Makarska. The place is inhabited by about 400 residents. Tourism is the main activity during the summer, while in autumn the inhabitants engaged in olive growing, viticulture and fishing. Geographically Zaostrog is located in the mountains name Viter. Old Village Zaostrog is just a few kilometers from the sea, and from which you can enjoy on fascinating view of the Peljesac peninsula. According to archaeological findings, Zaostrog was inhabited in Roman times, which is described in many ancient monuments. Firs time that Zostrog is mentioned was 1494th on Croatian and Turkish language. The old village Zaostrog contains three churches, the old Gothic St. Barbara, Church St.Roko from the 17th century and a new Church St. Barbara from 1872.

Prikaz veće karte
The most famous cultural, religious and educational center of the Upper Makarska Riviera is the Franciscan Monastery of St. Mary. The visitors of the monastery museum can see ethnological collections, galleries and a large library with over 30,000 titles, with significant works of the older Croatian literature.

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